Should The USA Have The Electoral College Process?

I want to discuss the electoral college. It’s a very controversial topic because some people approve of it and some people don’t. Although, I understands both sides of the argument, I do have an opinion on what I think of the electoral college.

One of the pros to having an electoral college system is that the founding fathers placed it in the constitution because they felt that it was the best method in choosing the president. The felt the purpose of the electoral college was to put up protection or a safeguard against uneducated and ununiformed voters by giving the final say to electors that had the necessary information to make the best decision. Also, to prevent states with larger populations having a big impact on the decision of who becomes president and it serves as a compromise between letting the popular vote and congress choose president. Another pro for having an electoral college is that it makes it possible for every part of the country to be apart of selecting the president. If the election depended solely on the popular vote, then I guess that would mean some areas would be ignored such as farms and more metropolitan areas would be favored in voting for the president. Rural areas and small towns would marginalize versus highly dense areas. This will happen because when people are running for president, they must build a campaign platform with a national focus. In conclusion, this means the winner will be serving the needs for the entire country and if the electoral college helps with building the campaign so, that it’s possible for everyone can vote. The obvious pro of the electoral college is that they guarantee that there will be a president elected. The electoral process can give presidents more credibility because it can create a large directive for them.

Now it’s time to get into the cons of the electoral college. One of the major cons about the electoral college is related to one of the pros about the electoral college. Although the founding fathers placed this process in the constitution, the reason behind it is no longer relevant today. Modern technology has made a huge impact on how voters can receive their knowledge on information about the presidential election. The electoral college was created to stop any bias decisions that were being made. Another con is the electoral college gives too much power to the swing states. The two main political parties can count on certain states to win the election. For an example, California for democratic and Indiana for republic. These states are solely what they are, and the presidents don’t worry about gaining that states popular vote. The main concern or con about the electoral college is that it ignores the will of the people. This is very self-explanatory. Hilary Clinton won the popular vote in the 2016 election, but Donald Trump still won. That wasn’t the first time that had happened to her. Obviously, the people had wanted her to be president, but the electoral college wanted it to be Donald Trump.

If I had to choose a side, I would say I’m in between. I don’t think the electoral college process is totally bad, but there are glitches and adjustments that do need to be attended to so the will of the people aren’t being ignored. So, we can have a president that everyone is proud of. Also, I do like the fairness that it was intended for so, like I said some adjustments will need to happen because the reason for it being started is no longer relevant. It needs to keep up with modern society if it’s going to work. We have millions of people in the USA and 538 people that are on the electoral college board shouldn’t have the final say. I do think we need a new compromise.

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