Social Media: The Good and Bad

The topic I want to discuss today is social media. Social media has a huge impact on so many of our lives today and it has good and bad benefits. I think everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram nowadays. From regular people to booming businesses to old men trying to find a twenty-three-year-old girl who would be willing to provide them general conversation. Even political parties and government officials have social media accounts and seems to be very active on them (Donald Trump). Jobs are posting ads on social media websites to attract employees. Social media can also have negative effects also. For an example, suicide rates have gone up since this new era of digital age and social media.

One of the pros of social media is that it spreads information faster than any other form of media. If a music video drop at midnight, the whole world gets it at the same time. Everyone knew about The Amazon Rainforest fire at the same time and not just the people in Brazil and then everyone else three days later. Social Media offers a way for artist to build an audience without a corporate contract. So many people have gotten famous from YouTube such as Chloe and Halle. Then, you got people who actually get paid for being YouTube stars such as Jessika the prankster and Bianca Renee. Models get signed from Instagram such as Tabria Majors. It’s also beneficial for corporate, small businesses, and new entrepreneurs to get their brands out and represent them accordingly. Social media helps with disarming social stigmas. The #Metoo movement reduces the stigma around sexual assault. Also, mental health awareness has risen, and the LGBTQ community can openly be themselves and feel like they have social acceptance.

One of the cons of social media is that it spreads information faster than any form of media. I know I said that as a pro, but it can be a con because just as fast as something true can spread, false information can too. All the rumors about that aren’t true about celebrities. They always have to clear things up on their own social media page or go on a talk show to clear the air about a rumor. Also, social media lacks privacy. Hacking has been outrageous nowadays. You can’t even use your credit card to buy things online because someone will hack you and steal your information off of your account. People who have business pages and have the option to buy things directly off the website, get hacked. Also, teenagers tend to use social media heavily and it reflects in their grades, language, and sometimes even their actions because of something they saw. It can also cause depression for a lot of people and it’s linked to narcissistic traits as well. Of course, cyberbullying happens, unauthorized sharing of YouTube videos cost millions of dollars to YouTubers, and nothing can be completely deleted of these sights.

I don’t know where I fall on this topic. I do think it has benefits, but I do believe it has drawbacks. The only thing I can say is, I wish I had waited until I was a little older to engage in social media. I got a myspace at thirteen and then a Facebook at fourteen. I got an Instagram at twenty-three. I think if I could have waited until I was mature enough to handle the drawbacks of social media, mentally It would have been very beneficial. I fell victim to social isolation. Now, one thing about me is I am an introvert, I do find peace in being alone, and I would rather spend the day at home reading a book or writing a blog or writing something else than going around family or hanging with friends. Not that I hate doing that, I just like it better being by myself. I’ve always been that way. When I say falling victim to social isolation, I mean social media gave me feelings of disconnect. The “passive consumption” that I was doing created loneliness and low self-esteem and even contributed to my depression. The scanning without commenting is not good for you. So, if you find yourself doing that, stop. Like a photo, status, or video, or comment on it. Don’t keep scanning or just get off. Simple as that. I do believe that social media an be a good thing though. I have found some amazing opportunities for myself as far as work using these social media. I found out about WordPress on Facebook.

Any thoughts?

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  1. A few years ago I decided to cut back on FB. Mostly it was the politics. There are so many Facebook activists, that warn and express injustice. But few actually take steps to improve the world. For awhile I suggested that when we post issues that we find solutions or at least open conversation for change. That way FB can be used as a global brainstorming tool. I think that sounds amazing!


    1. I agree. It can be used for so much more than what it’s being used for. Posting about issues without really finding a solution serves no purpose in posting it in the first place especially if you can’t even open the conversation for change.

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