Witch Hazel: The Underrated Health and Beauty Product

Witch hazel has many benefits. I love using it. It’s a natural astringent that helps with so many things. I use it mostly as a toner. I started using it when I switched to natural deodorant. I dab some witch hazel under my arms when I was detoxing (if you want to know about my experience with switching to natural deodorant, I have a blog about that). After detoxing, I still used it to under my arms. It has also helped with the hyperpigmented skin under my arms.

1. Dabbing witch hazel under your arms can prohibit odor causing bacteria. Witch hazel lowers your skins pH balance and it makes the bacteria under your arms hard to survive. Remember, the armpits are exit points that release the toxins in your body.

2. It helps relieve inflammation. Inflammation is a normal response for your body by protecting further injury. Using witch hazel can reduce the amount of inflammation because of its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

3. It reduces skin irritation. It helps relieve irritated and sensitive skin. Also, it helps with skin redness.

4. It helps fight acne. Just like under your arms, it fights off bacteria causing acne that comes from clogged pores. It acts as an astringent and the anti-inflammatory properties in witch hazel helps soothe active acne on the skin.

5. It helps with treating hemorrhoids. It can help with some of the symptoms that comes with having hemorrhoids such as itching, redness, pain, bleeding and swelling. The anti-inflammatory properties contribute to the success of how witch hazel can treat hemorrhoids.

6. It alleviates scalp sensitivity. If you suffer from dandruff and dryness (like me), then this natural astringent is very help with that because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Using a little bit of witch hazel in your shampoo help reduce eczema and psoriasis that effects the hair, help with scalp tenderness, and itching.

7. Keeps infections away. Witch hazel can be effective when trying to treat certain viral infection. Doing my research on specific attribute, I have found that it can help with flu A, HPV, and herpes simplex virus 1 (and cold sores). The tannins in witch hazel have shown that it can be an effective treatment to viral infections, but this doesn’t serve it as a cure. It’s just effective treatment that’s natural instead of taking anti-viral medications.

8. Protects against skin damage. The tannins in witch hazel acts as a barrier to inflammation causing substances that enter through the skin cells. Studies have shown that witch hazel help stop the spread of skin cancer cells and slow skin tumor growth. It’s not a cure, but it helps with symptoms.

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