pH Balance tips for Women and Men

Your pH balance is a very important body element that not a lot of women or men are educated on. I started to pay more attention to my overall pH balance rather than just smelling good about two years ago. What caused me to pay more attention to my overall pH balance was I kept getting infections and didn’t know why. I started to get more in tuned with my body because I needed to do something about these infections that I kept getting. So, I started paying attention and making changes. (Yeast infections are very common and not always related to sex or bad hygiene)

I was aware of a lot of things that had to do with vaginal health. So, I started there first. I’ve been using dove soap since I was sixteen. I would always use the exfoliating body wash or the original dove bar soap. I’ve always liked clean and fresh scents, so I didn’t really care too much for the heavily scented soaps. The change I made in regards to my soap, I now use unscented dove, hot water only for my vagina (the vagina is self-cleaning), cotton underwear (if I wear lace underwear, the bottom has to have a white cotton bottom and the same goes for dark underwear as well), light colored wash cloths, and I take probiotics. Also, I don’t change my detergent or my tissue either. I limit sugar in my diet as well.

As far as my body, I try to wear fitted clothing, I use unscented dove, sweet almond oil (it has no scent), a natural deodorant (the Native brand), and witch hazel for my armpits. Basically, I don’t use anything with a scent because it throws off my natural pH balance. I don’t want to smell like something, I just want my natural body scent to be given off. I still put perfume or body spray on my clothes.

Eating a healthy diet also contributes to great body odor. Working out and sweating all those toxins helps with pH balance. Drink lots and lots of water. It helps remove toxins, balance pH balance by flushing out body waste. I’m not saying don’t enjoy chips, cookies, candy, pasta, and bread, but if you care about the bigger picture (pH balance), then you’ll want to limit these foods. Healthy foods for vaginal health are pickles and Yogurt (contains probiotics), avocados, cranberry juice, apples, almonds, and several other foods.

Also, baking soda baths are helpful as well. It controls the level of lactobacilli in the vagina. If you need to know to properly take a baking soda bath let me know in the comments and I’ll do a blog on strictly just that. See your gynecologist regularly.

For men, eat a healthy diet, drink lots of water, wash with unscented or lightly scented soaps, try not change detergents, wear cotton underwear, and always use a condom when having intercourse.

Another good tip for both sexes is to make sure to shower and change out of wet clothing whether your coming straight from the gym, swimming, or even just generally sweating.

Men’s health is important for woman’s health because a man’s penis and semen can throw off a woman’s pH balance when they have sexual intercourse without a condom.

Sorry if this is a little personal and touchy for some folks. I just felt that it was important information to share because I don’t just care about smell. It’s about the overall health and pH of a vagina.

If there is anything you would like to add or elaborate on, feel free to comment.

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