Tips: Getting Through An Interview

So, I recently got a new job as an Administrative Assistant, working at a school for children who have disabilities. When I went for the interview, it was kind of challenging and I was kind of nervous. Luckily, the lady who hired me seemed really interested and helped me through some of the tougher questions. Then, I interviewed for a retail store named Kohls just for some part time work and that interview was really easy. I thought for sure that I had gotten the job. The next day, I received an email and it was the generic “unfortunately we went with another candidate” email. My only conclusion to this is, I was overqualified. This has happened to me in the past so, I wasn’t bummed or anything. So, I want to share some successful tips on acing an interview that tends to be hard.


1. Research the company. You don’t want to walk into an interview and not know anything about the place. Just visit the website and browse it and read a few things about the job. If you already know things about the place you’re interviewing at, then that’s even better.

2. Dress the part. This is why doing research is important because if it’s a formal type of environment, then don’t go dressing casually. Your appearance will say a lot about if you want the job or not.

3. Proper body mechanics is important too. Sit up straight, smile, and look your interviewer in the eye. You want to smile and shake their hand too when you greet them. Your eyes will tell if you’re really engaging and interacting with the employer.

4. Always think about what you’re going to say before you say it. If an interviewer asks you a question, make sure to stop and think about your response first. You actually might not have to tell a lie. They will appreciate it if you took the time out to give their question some thought. (Interviewers can smell bullshit on a person)

5. Make sure your answers are detailed. If they were to say to you “tell us about your last job”, then don’t just say it was an amazing experience and I learned a lot. How about you explain why it was an amazing experience and state something that you learned.

6. Always ask questions when they hit you with that famous line “do you have any questions for me.” My favorite question is “After the interview, what is the next step?” this opens the window for them to tell you what happens next? If they’re interviewing other people (possible how many people), and it let’s them know that you are eager to get the job. Also, some information that hasn’t been said before might be revealed to you.

7. Don’t voluntarily say anything negative about yourself. Don’t speak negative of your last employer and employees.

8. Don’t indicated your interested in the job because it’s a “stepping-stone” for something better. Don’t act desperate and act like you would take any job and don’t indicate that you have other interviews lined up or that you’re practicing how to get through interviews.

There are so many other things that I could say not to do or even do, but I feel like those things should be self-explanatory and that you don’t need someone to give you tips on things like “be respectful, don’t make excuses, don’t lie, don’t ask personal questions” all that mumbo jumbo. I just wanted to cover the common mistakes people make when they go to interviews.

Feel free to elaborate on anything I have said or add your own input in the comments.

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