Benefits of an English Degree

I always say people always underestimate an English degree. Obtaining an English degree is not easy. They say it’s the easiest degree to get, but it’s probably just as hard as earning a degree in biology. People think its just reading and writing and that the only job that will be available to you is teaching. I want to give people more insight on an English degree.

I obtained my bachelor’s in English as well as a Film Studies minor in 2017 at Buffalo State College. One of the biggest questions I get all the time is “what are you going to do with that, teach?” The answer is no. I have a passion for writing and film. I just live in a terrible place where the chances are slim to none when finding a writing or film job. I have to either relocate when the time is right or find something remote which is also hard. Finding the writing experience has been hard too, but I’ve been blogging for a year now so, that counts as experience.

That’s not what this blog is about though. I want to educate those people who don’t know the benefits of an English degree. I want people to stop underestimating the skills that we possess and can use in the real world today. Just because we don’t draw blood, draw up a legal document, or teach pre-teens, doesn’t mean we don’t possess life skills other than reading and writing.

1. An English degree is a versatile degree. It serves as the jack of all trades. You can get employed anywhere with this degree. You can be a teacher, paralegal, doctor, counselor, copy editors, publishers, lawyers, marketers…the list goes on.

2. Being an English major helps you find yourself. When you’re in college, it’s about finding yourself and figuring out who you are. When you are an English major, through reading and writing, it helps you find your individuality a lot quicker than any other major. I always say college helped me find myself and I have my English degree to thank for the additional help.

3. You develop oral and written communication skills. Some people have to learn these skills while working at a job, but when you are an English major, you develop these skills without even knowing through presentations, writing essays, group projects, participating in class discussions, etc.

4. An English degree also enhances your critical perspective in anytime you have to analyze a situation. This major teaches you how to analyze a text and apply it into the real world which is a skills a lot of employers look for in an employee. They always want a person who know how to take the initiative to solve a problem.

5. English majors are passionate people. They love to dig deeper into conversations. Language, literature, and life has a lot more meaning to these people.

6. English majors tend to break into the professional world by getting something published. To hone their creative side by writing poetry, screenplay’s, fiction, blogs, journals, personal essays, resumes, nonfiction, flash fiction, novels, and many other forms of writing.

7. They think critically which makes them good candidates for law school, medical school, and even politics. They dig deeper into things. They analyze everything. I consider myself a deep thinker.

English majors think outside the box. For them to be considered the versatile degree option, then they must possess many skills that can fit several different majors. I say that’s brilliant. A lot of people over look some of these skills that an English major posses and just automatically think teaching is the only option…Well, you’re wrong.

I am currently in the process of applying to grad school for Social Work and I am currently enrolling in online real estate classes to obtain my real estate license. I have a blog. I have writing goals as well and going to keep striving towards them because that is my true passion. Having an English degree has hindered me in getting a job as far as needing to obtain stability, because you have to further your education, but it hasn’t hindered my passion at all or stopped any of the skills I have learned.

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