Positive and Negative Traits About Me

I decided to do this blog on my positive and negative traits because I wanted to see how well I knew myself. I always say it’s so hard to describe myself and I need other people to do it for me. So, I decided to describe myself and point out the good and the bad. Also, when I go to job interviews, they are always asking the famous question “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” Now, that I wrote a blog on it, I can refer to this for some answers. This took me a few hours to write because I really wanted to put some thought into it. I didn’t want to put generic answers like, I’m smart, funny, kind, etc.

Positive Traits

1. I’m an empath. I always put myself in other people shoes when they are talking to me about any issue they’re having and understand. I always see both sides to an issue.

2. I’m a deep thinker. I love engaging, thoughtful, insightful, conversations. I love when the conversation can go deeper than what’s on the surface. Digging at the core and poking for some unknown reason or idea that makes you wonder or have no definitive answer is always engaging to me.

3. I stand by my integrity. Whatever I stand by, I choose to use that as a guide in life. One of my morals in life is don’t settle. I live by this faithfully. I know some circumstances you have to go with the flow and settle for what’s in front of you, but don’t let that be it. Keep striving for more.

4. I am self-disciplined. I can say I have good habits. When I want to reach a goal, I set my mind to it. I don’t let anything stop me from achieving the smallest thing. I convince myself, grind hard, and give it my all and undivided attention. I’m very grounded when I commit to something.

5. I have a strong sense of compassion. When someone is suffering, going through something traumatic, I always feel pity for the misfortunate of others and the suffering. I always say, “If I’m able to help, then I will offer my helping hand.”

Negative Traits:

1. I’m very analytical. This can be a positive trait, but when I start to overthink, anxiety start to set in. I tend to think and think and then I sat around and thought until I done dug so deep into thought that I done made up scenarios and false stories in my head.

2. I’m indecisive. I’ll literally start talking to myself and weighing out the pros and cons, the good and bad, the ups and downs, about a decision I’m trying to make and sometimes I still won’t make a decision. I’ll let nature do its job. I get scared I’ll make the wrong decision.

3. I’m a perfectionist. Nobody’s perfect and I feel the need to make everything in my life perfect. If it isn’t close to perfect, I’ll beat myself up about it. I want everything to be right. I can’t make any mistakes. I sometimes avoid making decisions for myself because I don’t want it to be the wrong decision, then I’ll get mad at myself and beat myself down even more. This damages your mental health because you start to have little trust in yourself.

4. I’m an introvert. This may seem a little weird as a negative trait, but for me, this has affected my life in a negative way. My self-sufficient attitude has drawn a wedge between me and one of my close friends. I always feel like emotionally and intellectually that I don’t need anyone’s help and that I’ll be okay. I usually don’t like to bring outside help into my head or my feelings. Also, my distant or standoffish demeanor can cause a misconception about me that either I don’t care about a lot things or that I’m just mean which is not true. I care about a lot of things actually, I’m super sensitive, and I think of myself as a nice human being.

5. I’m kind of a Know-It-All. Although, I think everyone to some extent has this trait, I’m well aware of this. It’s not that I’m not teachable, its more so when I strongly feel like I know something, I don’t back down until I’m proven wrong with hardcore proof and evidence. This can be a problem because this is where my integrity comes into play and people get frustrated that I don’t back down without a fight when it comes to proving me wrong. No, I don’t like to always be right. If you can prove me wrong, then I’ll accept that I was wrong. I have no problem with taking accountability for the fact that I was wrong, just prove it.


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