11 Things I Have Never Done

I feel like people have done things that are so common, but I have yet to experience it. Some of these things could be shocking, some aren’t, but I haven’t experienced it.

1. I’ve never been to Disney land. I feel like a good amount of people have been here so, it’s safe to put this on my list.

2. I have never smoked marijuana. I don’t do drugs. Weed is like the new thing now that everyone seems to doing, but I have never tried it. I do have prescribed Xanax though. So, I can say I tried those.

3. I haven’t gotten my master’s degree yet. Not a lot of people have this, but there are a lot of people who do have this.

4. I haven’t traveled to many places. I have been to Boston, NYC, and Syracuse, NY. I haven’t been to any other place, but I’m hoping to change that.

5. I have never been to a college party before. I went to college, but I never actually attended none of the parties that went on.

6. I have never tried avocados. I’m going to try to change this soon. I want to try this. Although, I love avocado oil in my hair. It’s so penetrating and moisturizing.

7. I have never worn a full face of makeup before. I’m just not that into it, although it’s cute. (I’ve never died my hair either.)

8. I’ve never did something extreme before like scuba dive, zip lining, sky dive etc.

9. I live in buffalo and I never been to a bills game, or a sabres game or I have never been to Buffalo Wild Wings. (I have been to a buffalo bisons game)

10. I have never watched an episode of Game of Thrones or Walking Dead or I’ve never seen Titanic.

11. I’ve never bought a lottery ticket.

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