Tips for Adjusting To a New Job

A new job brings about a lot of change into your life. New feelings, emotional, mentally, maybe even physically or spiritually can affect you from having a new job. Adjusting to new coworkers and new faces, new routines, and new schedules, and a new environment can be a lot.

I recently started a new job. It’s been three weeks and I’m having hard time adjusting. I’ve brought my fears from my last job into my new job, I’m already looking at this job as a setback and not a stepping-stone for the right job, and one of my coworkers already annoy me. It’s not a bad job. It’s an easy job and it’s something most people who work in customer service would hope for because it’s way easier, aside from the messed-up things you see.

So, how do you adjust to a new job when you have this mindset? How do you adjust to a new job when you’re not looking forward to it? How do you adjust to a new job when your heart isn’t in it? How do you adjust to a new job when you just simply want to stay at home and sleep because mentally, emotionally, and physically you are tired?


1. Prioritize your learning. Ask you questions, take notes, focus primarily on your job, build relationships with the people who you will be working with daily.
2. Talk to everyone, remember names, ask questions and remember to observe everything around you and the atmosphere.
3. Be your authentic self.
4. Prepare yourself for adjustments with a positive attitude.
5. Adapt to the company’s culture.
6. Leave your previous job in the past.
7. Don’t underestimate the power of being new.

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