How to Deal With Writer’s Block?

Have you ever wandered why writer’s block happen? People say that it isn’t real, but in my opinion, it is very real. I haven’t been able to post a blog because I haven’t been able to be inspired. I haven’t been able to get an idea in my head and put it on paper. It has been so hard coming up with something interesting and engaging so, I thought I would write about writer’s block. Coming up with original ideas can be challenging because sometimes it may not be the right time to write, fear that it won’t be good enough, or perfectionism can all be reasons why writer’s block happens.

It’s kind of hard to even give advice on how to tackle writer’s block because once it’s gone, you’ll know. The only thing that I can say is do things that will speed up the process so you don’t let so much time pass you by before you’re able to write something else and you miss out on an opportunity to write something amazing and fresh.

1. One of the ways you can speed things up when handling writer’s block is eliminate distractions. Whatever gets you in the mood to write and make you feel comfortable, do that. I always need a quiet place, or I’ll listen to music to draw out unwanted noise if I’m in an environment where I can’t avoid noise.

2. Read some inspiring quotes to get you started. This might help get your brain going and you might start thinking about some ideas to write about.

3. Many writers have daily routines, so try to get into a routine of writing something a day by freewriting or writing a sentence/paragraph a day.

4. Do not refuse to write because this will not help you feel inspired. The goal is to get over writer’s block.

5. My personal favorite is to just write anything down and go from there. Try to develop whatever you have written into something special and meaningful. Even if the first sentence is something stupid.

I’m literally writing this blog on writer’s block because it’s what I’ve been feeling, and I can’t get back into the swing of things. I wrote down one sentence regarding writer’s block and everything else started flowing. Now, I have an entire passage written on it. You can overcome it. Just don’t let too much time pass you by, before you write something else because then that may lead to never writing something because of no inspiration that turned into a lifetime of procrastination.

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