What I Learned at My Last Job

As I’m reflecting back on 2019, I’ve had two jobs. My last job taught me a lot going forward with my career endeavors. I was fired for poor attendance. I was late too many times and being that I had my surgery last October and didn’t let myself fully recover before going back to work, it resulted in more pain and more doctor visits that prohibited me from going to work. So, I got fired.

I was really depressed and It gave me so much anxiety. I’m getting a little emotional writing this post because that was a terrible time this year and I’m still recovering and healing from that moment. It was just added stress, depression, and more anxiety on top of what I was already feeling before all of that took place.

What I learned at my last job was to not work so hard. I know that sounds kind of stupid being that you go to work to work. If it’s your chosen career field, then you may want to work hard and gain recognition for the things that you do in order to move up the chain. What I mean is don’t give a job your all. My last job wore me out, stressed me out, drained me, and it made me depressed. I hated going to work. I was literally forcing myself to go every single day I had to work. I would talk myself into going to work. It was brutal. Sometimes I would cry because I didn’t want to go, but I had to go because I’m an adult and I have responsibilities. I had some great co-workers that got me through the day, but somedays that wasn’t enough. There was so many times that I was on the verge of just walking out of that place. I’ve dealt with so much crap there.

When I got fired, I realized that I shouldn’t let a place of employment make me feel that way when they’ll replace me with another person in a week. The only thing that worried me was how was I going to pay my bills. Long story short, I went on unemployment and I couldn’t afford my apartment anymore and I’m currently living at my cousins house. But, It felt so good that I was no longer stressed by a job. I wasn’t walking around tense because I was anticipating of what to expect the next day at work. I felt good that I didn’t have to return to a place that I hated. I’m getting emotional again because I’m remembering that feeling that I had.

I did learn some great skills at this job that has been super beneficial at my current job and the overall experience has affected my current job as well. A lot of my anxiety has carried over with me at this job but I’m maintaining. It’s an okay place to work at and nothing like my last job.

Don’t let a job wear you down. Your mental, physical, and emotional health is important. When a job or anything in life starts to mess with those aspects of yourself, let it go. It’s not worth your mental state or your emotional well-being. Take care of yourself.

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  1. I do agree. Working with too much or too little commitment have both affected me negatively. I have to keep revisiting and reminding why I am doing what I am doing, for who, and what am I looking to get out of myself for it. I don’t want to compromise on health and life satisfaction for myself again.


    1. It was one of the worst feelings I have ever experienced. I never want to feel like that again. If you have to keep reminding yourself why your doing what your doing to convince yourself to stay, then that is the moment to make a change. I agree, Im not compromising my health again. It way too important.

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