Where I Get My Inspirations For My Blogs?

How I get my inspiration to write my blogs vary. Usually, I get my inspirations to write my blogs from my personal experiences. I try to browse the internet (google, Instagram, facebook, other blogs, pinterest) for general ideas, then I tie it into my own personal life. I feel like if I can make it more personal and relatable, then it won’t sound like a formal, college essay that I have to write for my master’s these statement or something.

Sometimes it’s hard coming up with topics because you think it might be a good topic and then you’ve answered your question in three sentences and then you want to move on to something else because it’s no longer a good topic. Well, that’s why I like to relate everything to something personal to me or whatever is going on in my life. I’m not afraid to share things with people if I’m comfortable to talk about it because there are things that I’m not comfortable talking about. I think that’s a lot of people though.

I keep all my blog topics written down in my phone and just choose one to write about. Today, when I was going through my list, I chose to write this one because I was going through a phase of writer’s block for almost a month even with the list and I’m sure there is a ton of people who goes through that. So, I just wanted to let people know where I get my inspiration from. How I keep them noted so, I don’t lose my topics and inspirations. The biggest thing for me was how to get some of those topics down on paper and in a well written, comprehensive, and engaging format. I finally figured it out and I wrote out what I wanted to say about what inspires me.

I have other things that inspires me when I’m writing other things, but I chose to tell people where I get my inspiration on writing blogs because I struggled finding topics people cared about and wanted to actually read when I first started blogging. So, I thought I’d share my inspirations for my blogs.

2 thoughts on “Where I Get My Inspirations For My Blogs?

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    1. Your welcome. I get it writers block all the time. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes my every day life just doesn’t allow me to write everyday like I’d want to, but I appreciate the time I can upload one. Also, I scroll through my blog like its instagram, so I’m always engaging with other people and their blogs so I don’t feel so behind on putting up my own blog. Overall, you can overcome writers block when you get it. I believe in you.


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