Some Minor Life Improvements

I think everyone has traits or aspects about themselves that they want to improve upon. Since it’s a new year and I want to devote this year dedicated to trying to take care of myself, I thought I’d make a list of things that I’d like to improve about myself.

1. I’m a huge procrastinator so, I would like to procrastinate less. I don’t know about stopping all together, but I want to see less of it.

2. I want to make a big improvement on my overall health, but physically I want to see a change.

3. I want to improve my writing skills. I feel like I have fell off a bit because I’m not writing as much as I would like to so, my skills aren’t as strong as I would like for them to be.

4. I want to improve on expressing myself better. It’s so hard to express myself verbally so, I want to work on that as well.

5. I want to work on keeping my car clean. This will be a big improvement for me because I’ll try to keep it clean, but then my whole entire bedroom has moved into my car at some point lol. So, it would be a big improvement for me if I can keep my car clean longer than I usually can.

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