Challenges of Being An Older Sibling

Aside from my siblings on my father side, I have four younger siblings. That is three younger sisters who are 23, 21 and 12. A younger brother who is also 12 (the two 12-year-old’s are twins). At some point, whether they have physically said it or not, all have expressed in some way that they think that the being the oldest sibling is better than being the middle child or the youngest. Little do they know, being the oldest is a lot of work. Granted, there are perks to being the oldest, but I think the drawbacks outweigh the pros.

One of the hardest parts of being the oldest sibling is that you are like a second mom. You are a role model for your younger siblings. You set the tone for what’s right and what’s wrong. Personally, I like to encourage my siblings to follow their own path because we all have different interest and dislikes. I think I set some really good standards for them to follow, but I know that they’re all not going to follow that path due to them all having different personalities.

Also, another hard part about being the oldest sibling is your like bridge between the parents and the younger siblings. Both the younger siblings and parents come to you with issues they’re having with each other and you must listen, give advice without giving too much advice, and empathize and show sympathy for both sides. This is hard because you’re there for them, but who’s there for you.

Being the oldest is also hard because there is no room for being “cool.” It’s in your blood to remain responsible all the time. You make smart money choices, work choices, friendship choices, relationship choices, and other life choices that will certainly have some sort of impact on you. The oldest tend to be very responsible with every choice they make. I’m not saying that they don’t make mistakes. They just try to make the most responsible choice they can make. For instance, I’m a good at saving money because I think about hard time that could possibly happen or if I want to make a big purchase, I save money for it. My younger siblings spend their money on whatever their little hearts desire and then when something important comes up, they have no money.

Although, being the oldest has taught me how to have compassion and patience at a young age. I have been taught other things, but these are the two main things that I was able to take away from what I was able to pick up early on as a child. When you have younger siblings, you have to have patience. They will drive you crazy, but it’s all love.

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