What’s Your Motto?

I think everyone has a motto that they live by. A motto is a saying or belief that an individual use as a guide throughout life. There are so many cliché sayings that most people live by, but it’s always that one saying or belief that just means so much more to you.

I continuously live by the saying never settle for anything less than you deserve. I have always wanted to live a great life for myself. One that was filed with happiness, peace, love, friendship, and many other things that are free. Life can be so challenging and it’s the little things and motivations that keep us going. I have faced some really hard and trying times and the saying don’t settle has help me get through some tough times.

This motto has allowed me to see my worth in so many different lights. When I was out of work and I needed to find a job, this motto has helped me a lot. I have worked my butt off to get to where I am. I’m not talking just career wise, but self-esteem wise, confident wise in my career endeavors. Settling is not an option for me. Although, I am not where I want to be, I feel like everything I’ve been through is preparing me for what I’m asking for.

I remember when I lost my job in 2016. I was working at a hospital as a sterile processing Technician. Before that I was unemployed for eight months. I worked at the hospital for six months, then got let go due to the job being temporary. I wasn’t able to get unemployment so, I was living off savings. I was out of a job for two years and three months. One of the worst and common advice everyone kept giving me was just apply anywhere so you can have a job. I understood where they were coming from, but I had worked so hard to get to where I was at to move backwards and no matter what it took, I couldn’t go backwards. One thing I regret during that time period was not investing in myself. I didn’t settle for anything less than anything I deserved and I was rewarded an even better job at another hospital as a Unit Clerk in the emergency room.

I could go on to plenty of other times that I never settled for anything than what I deserved, but that was just one example. I am a firm believer of this motto and I stand and live by it whole heartedly.

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