A Writing Tip

I love to write. It’s my favorite thing to do. It’s my passion, it’s what I want to do as far as a career, but I wish there was two important writing tips that I wish I would have learned while spending all those semesters in college. I guess that’s what experience is for. Now, I can share my tips and experience with everyone else so that they can become great writers, especially if it’s something that they want to make a career out of.


  1. Write very often. I realized when I’m not writing as often as I should be or if I take break from writing, then my skills suffer. I feel like I forget what’s a complete sentence, where does a comma go, or if I should end a sentence here or there. My skills suffer tremendously, and I get a little discouraged because then I start to feel like my writing isn’t good enough.
  2. Keep it authentic. Writing that’s always in professional manner isn’t always the way to go. Reading scholarly articles and essays about topics that are interesting can seem very disinteresting because it’s written like a college thesis. If you want writing to be more interesting for you and other people, then let it be real and original. Let your own thoughts and feelings explode on the page, get a little personal, or tell a funny story that about yourself to make your audience laugh. This rule can apply to any kind of professional writing. Everything doesn’t have to sound like you’re writing an essay that has to have constructive sentences and a huge vocabulary selection.

Those are my two main writing tips that I feel will make you a great writer. Basically, just be yourself and write often. You want to remain who you are on paper and stay true to our style of writing no matter what. Also, the best way to perfect your skill is to write often. Everything you have learned in regards to writing, you want to keep it intact by practicing it often and getting better at.

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  1. These are both really great tips! I especially think writing often helps- it’s like how you have to keep sharpening the knife so it doesn’t get blunt and remains sharp.


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