Showing Yourself Love

Showing yourself love is important. Especially, if you’re the type of person who always spreading love and showing love towards other people. When you’re constantly showing love to others, then you sometimes you can get trapped into not showing yourself enough love. If you’re not showing yourself love, then how are you going to spread it properly elsewhere. Everyone deserves to show themselves love. Here are some ways to show yourself love:

  1. Be kind to yourself. Being kind to yourself will consist of deleting an app, muting a group chat, saying no to another commitment, cutting down your to do list, limiting your consumption of bad news, and spending less time in toxic environments. My favorite way to be kind to myself is to not answer my phone when I want time to myself.
  2. Take care of yourself physically. Taking care of yourself can consist of listening to what your body needs, exercising, watching your diet, visiting the doctor, moisturizing, using body and hair products that doesn’t consist of harsh chemicals and reading to exercise the brain. My favorite way to take care of myself physically and is to watch what I put in my body. I’m not on a strict diet or anything, but I do tend to read labels and I try to buy healthier options.
  3. Paying attention to your emotional wellbeing. This looks like seeking counseling services or a therapist. Limit your consumption of bad news, ask for help and advice with difficult task, wear clothes that make you happy and cozy, turn off your notifications, listen to music, plan something to look forward to, say no to things that make you feel bad, and stay away from toxic environments. My favorite thing to do for my emotional wellbeing is reading (books, poetry, articles, essays, blogs) that help me learn and understand emotions.

Showing yourself love is important. When you feel whole, then you are able to share your love with others. It’s okay to take time for yourself, regroup, and get your thoughts and feelings together. Always take time for comfort, wisdom, motivation, healing, rest, self-control, peace, and clarity. That’s showing love to yourself.

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