Lessons I learned In College

I think everyone should go to college. Whether you graduate, drop out, go every other semester, go fulltime or partime, I do believe everyone should go at some point in their life because of the lessons you learn in college. I always say college taught me a lot about myself. I got my degree in English and a film studies minor. Before, I became comfortable in my degree, I had three other majors before finally deciding on English.Here are some lessons I learned in college that I think will help others who are entering college, still attending college, or even about to graduate.

The first lesson I learned was do what makes you happy. I enrolled in college as a biology major and I knew deep down inside it wasn’t where my heart was. I listened to my mom and a few other people that told me I’m never going to get a job or make it in life if I didn’t major in something beneficial. So, my plan was to become a doctor and that’s why I did it. Before I realized I was unhappy, I barely went to class, barely did any homework, and trust me this was not like me. I graduated at number 2 in high school so, this was not me at all. I always wanted to graduate from college and get a degree because I’d be the first in my family to do so. Long story short, I switched my major 3 other times before I followed my heart and passion.

The second lesson I learned while in college was the power in making connections. I’m typically quiet, shy, and reserved until someone gets to know me. I was very hesitant about making new friends and connecting with other students. When I finally opened up to some of the people at school, I met people from all types of backgrounds. They were able to give me studying advice, what classes to take and not to take, which professors are the good ones and bad ones. This has taught me that not only does this work just in college, but in the real world too.

I learned how to apply what you learned in college into the real world. My major was English, so it’s not a fact based major. Math, science, and social studies and many other majors that fall under those categories are all factual, information based, and to the point majors. English makes you think outside the box, go deeper than what’s on the surface, relatable, and teach you life lessons. You read intriguing and interesting stories from other writers and understand morals from what you read and follow it.

I learned this lesson after graduating college. This might seem a little odd, but give double majoring a chance. I know it can seem draining and may take a while to finish, but give it a try. I wish I would have done this because I have learned that I have different interest and I would have love to major in business or social work. If I could do it over all over again, knowing what I know now, then I would double major in Social Work and Television and Film with an English minor. I’m sort of going by this saying that Cardi B said. She said, “why can’t I do both?” I feel like if you have a big dream and still want to have a decent career to make money, then use your plan A to support your Plan B.

These are just some of the lessons I learned while attending college. Although there are more I can list, I chose these four because I thought they were the most important.

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