Why I Started Blogging

If someone ever asked me “why did you start blogging,” I could answer this question with ease because I remember the day that I started the blog and what was going through my mind at the time. I remember I was going through a lot during that time mentally and starting the blog was definitely a way for me to cope with everything.  

When I got the idea to start a blog, it was intended for me to use it as a platform to publish my poems and short stories. I wanted to use it as a gateway to get my writing out there because I wanted to start making my own writing opportunities since other bigger establishments wouldn’t give me any. 

After I signed up for a blogging platform (wordpress) and wrote a few posts, I started reading other people’s blogs and doing my research. I found out that blogging is serious, and it can be a writing career also. You just have to be consistent and you have to grow your blog. A niche is important too.  

That brings me to how long It took me to find my niche. I started out with writing about informational topics regarding health, beauty, poems, I was venting, I was just writing about anything, but then I got bored and my blog wasn’t growing. So, I deleted every post and started over. I kept a few that I thought would go good with my new idea. I started to write about topics that I cared about and that could be helpful for others. I still change some things on my blog here and there, I’m still learning new things, and to be honest, I still don’t think I even have a narrowed down, specified, niche. 

I’ve been blogging for two years now and if someone was to ask me “why do you have  blog?” I would probably tell them it’s a platform for me to publish my writing and a safe space for me to be myself in my writing.  

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