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My name is Daijaha like Déjà vu. I am currently an aspiring writer and entrepreneur. Initially, I started this blog because I wanted to have a platform where I can display my poetry, short stories, and excerpts from my longer pieces of fiction, but that changed once I started to blog. I struggled to find a niche because I didn’t know what I wanted my blog to be about. So, I have started over and I am going to try to stick to one niche.

I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in English and a Film Studies minor from Buffalo State College in 2017. I am currently going back to school to pursue other career goals that I have for myself.

I love to write because I like storytelling. My favorite kind of writing would be writing for film (Hence the reason for my chosen major and minor) because I enjoy the whole creative process behind putting an entire movie/television show together. Any movie/television show starts with a script. It’s the base, foundation, and start of everything.

I like way too many movies and T.V. shows to just pinpoint one that is my favorite. I can say what makes a movie or T.V. show worth watching and worth me saying that I liked it is good character development and a stellar plot. I must see change in the protagonist or the antagonist, or both. Also, mystery will always keep me intrigued.

I do have a favorite book and I like the film adaptation which is rare for me. Usually, the book is always better. My favorite book is Their Eyes Were Watching God. The directors, producers, writers, cinematographers, etc. did a good job making this book into a film adaptation and Halle Berry did a good job bringing the main character come to life.

This blog is a safe space for me to be able to express myself in any way, shape, or form without feeling the constant judging from the world and all the pressure that I feel coming from different aspects of my life. I can remain my authentic self on my blog.

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